Belly Love

"What if everyone, especially women, loved their bellies?"

I asked myself this question one day as I pondered how much judgement, loathing and downright hatred so many of us pour into our bellies, the very core of our being.  I had a vision of women moving joyfully through life.  I saw plastic surgeons using their gifts to heal bodies rather than modify them for the sake of some false perfection.  I saw young girls free to be who they are, as they are.  I saw the belly is where Divine wisdom is accessible to everyone anytime.

The Belly Love practice came to me then.  In 2015, I began to share this practice with the world through the Belly Love Practice Videos and Audios, Belly Love Day & Challenge and Belly Love Stories, .  Learn more about these offerings below.


How To Do the Belly Love Practice

To practice Belly Love:

  1. Send Love from your heart through your hands to your belly while saying "I love you." 
  2. Notice how your belly responds.

That's all you need to do.  Repeat as many times as you like.  See what changes in your life.

Belly Love Practice Audios

Because the Belly Love is a simple way to tune into Divine wisdom, it can bring you into deeper meditation practices.  These practices can bring healing to your relationship to your belly, body and self.  Check them out here.



Belly Love Videos

Belly Love can tune you into your deepest feelings about something you are pondering.  You can access your Divine inner knowing for insights into situations and challenges in your life.  In the Belly Love Practice Videos, explore what your belly has to share with you about topics such as Joy, Enough, Rage, Intuition, Gratitude and more.  Watch the videos on YouTube.

Belly Love Challenge

During June each year, develop and deepen your Belly Love Practice with the Belly Love Challenge.  Each year' Challenge is a unique experience of practicing Belly Love everyday over a few weeks.  Many participants have expressed profound changes and healing from loving their bellies over the duration of the challenge.  Peruse Instagram posts under #bellylove30days.