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Embody the Sphinx: Yoga and Guided Meditation Experience

  • Bhakti Yoga DC 928 5th Street Northwest Washington, DC, 20001 United States (map)

It is so hard to hold our heads up these days. Our posture takes a beating from our phones, our chairs, our computers, our cars, even our beds. As our heads push further forward of our bodies, we loss our thoughts and even our sense of truth.

This 90-minute yoga asana and guided meditation experience will set you up with tools to safeguard your neck and shoulders from your sitting and phone habits. After a feline-centered asana practice, you will dive into the mysterious realm of the Sphinx through a guided mythological journey while realigning your spine. End the journey with a bit of time to journal your experience.

The human head of Sphinx rests comfortably on top of lion shoulders without any strain, which creates a posture that wields power without force. There is no nervousness or self-consciousness about the Sphinx. Like most cats, Sphinx is utterly at home with self.

When humans come into better posture, we come into our natural regalness. Our head and heart align. Our senses open. We stay in our strength and power while relaxing around others.

As we feel safe within ourselves, we feel safe to share who we are with others and to receive who others are too. We are open to seeing a new perspective, which expands our consciousness. Perception expands through compassionate connection to other hearts.

Pull your head out of your phone and reclaim the power of who you are. Discover the wealth of knowledge within you so you trust your own truth.

Advance Register: $15; Day of Event: $20