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Solar Massage

Solar Massage

Eggs are bad for you.  No, eggs are good for you.  Low fat, high carbs are in. Now wait, it's high protein, low carbs are that are out.  The sun is good for you.  The sun is bad for you.

We receive so many mixed messages from the media, especially when it comes to wellness.  ll this mucking around serves only to add confusion and contribute to cultural neurosis.  Somehow we are meant to trust the "experts" and fall in line with the findings, yet their findings keep flip-flopping.

We lost trust in the intelligence of our own bodies.  Our bodies speak to us but we have fallen under the spell of trusting a "healthcare professional," despite what we feel.  If we relearn how to tap into what our bodies are communicating, we can better moderate what we consume or expose ourselves to. 

If it feels good, it’s ok.  If it feels like s**t, it probably is.  That's a pretty simple and precise way of telling distinguishing what is good from what is bad for you.

Sun exposure has been relegated to evil status for a few decades now.  According to popular belief, at best, it wrinkles and dries your skin to leather.  At worst, it causes incurable melanomas.

Hhhm, so how have indigenous people, wearing the least amount of clothing and spending most of the day outdoors managed to survive the onslaught of skin cancer they must be experiencing? Curious.

At heart, I am a summer girl.  I love the sun and the water.  From age 4 until a couple years after college, I was outdoors most of the day during the summers.  I spent hours upon hours swimming and sunbathing (Lucky me got paid for it as a lifeguard/swim instructor in college.).  My butt became a blinding moon in comparison to my tanned skin.  My hair bleached to a golden blond.

My face does show some of the damage done by so many years of staying in the sun.  That is because I did not moderate.  Sunscreen was not a priority.  In fact, I preferred to baste in Hawaiian Tropic or Panama Jack tanning oils.

For a while as an adult, I fell in line with all the hype and avoided the Sun.  Maybe, it kept me from turning into a prune but I was definitely missing something–that sun-kissed feeling.

The weather is truly incredible here in Southern Miss. right now.  It feels criminal to be indoors.  I decided to lay out for a bit this morning.

Lying on my belly, the Sun’s heat seeped into my shoulders.  I felt the tension there relax and I drifted into that state between waking and sleep.  Lying on my back, the Sun hit my solar plexus and recharged it like a battery.  I was only out there 20 minutes.  My body told me when I had enough.

Even after coming inside for a bit, I feel the Sun’s warmth sink into my bones.  Maybe that’s the Vitamin D soaking in.  Whatever it is, it has changed me a bit.  I vibrate a little more.

Do not fear the Sun.  Celebrate it.  Enjoy it’s life-giving energy.

Just respect its power and your body’s ability to know when enough is enough.

Originally published September 9, 2011.

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