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Women Bringing Back the Waters

Women Bringing Back the Waters

In August 2016, a vision came to after I had a moment of overwhelming grief arise for the sorrows of the world.  In this vision, I saw thousands, maybe millions of women, gathering in a dry riverbed.  Each woman letting her grief move and her tears fall.  These tears fell like rain to fill the river.

This vision came like a call from Mother Earth for our tears.  Where once our fluids flowed into the Earth as part of the cycle of life, we have held them back.  She needs our water to fill the rivers and the oceans.  When we grieve and shed tears, we offer sacred water.

These days, we give our grief such a short time before we force ourselves to just get on with doing.  We keep our grief to ourselves when we feel that mo one wants to hear it any more.  Holding our emotions back breeds stagnation which brings dis-ease.

I asked my friend, Karen Harrington to create an art piece to bring forth this vision to the world.  I'm so grateful that she has agreed.  

This will be a multimedia piece that incorporates photos of women grieving.

We need your help with that.

If you feel called to participate,  send us 3 photos--1 close up (head and shoulders), 1 medium shot (full body) and 1 long shot (a bit of distance away)-- to this form.

Here are some options to send them to us:

  • Post a photo on Instagram with #tearsformotherearth and tag me @jenyoungdakini and Karen @kfharrington85.
  • Fill out this form and include the photos.
  • Email me at jenyoungdakini@gmail.com with your photos.

This is a beautiful circle activity to do with women friend.  Grief needs to be witnessed sometimes so having a group of women supporting each other with this sharing can be so powerful.

Thank you for your interest in this project!

Let us grief together.  Let our tears flow together.  Let our healing bring more healing for all beings and the waters of Mother Earth.

Much Love!


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