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Letting Go of Burdens Meditation

Letting Go of Burdens Meditation

Have you ever reached those moments when you get really fed up with your mind chattering away about the same things all the time just wears you down to a moment of absolute giving up?  Throwing your arms up and falling into the nearest piece of furniture? 

"Okay!  I give up.  I surrender."

Then you give into gravity and either have a seat or a lie down.

In one of the first meditations I heard from Maleda Gebremedhin of the Womb of Life School, Maleda guided us to feel gravity as the hug of Mother Earth.  With that image I then felt gravity become grounding and soothing.

I had one of these overthinking moments back in February that took me into such a tense state that I felt nearly immobilized.  I was trying to think through a situation that requires vision from the heart.  That was making me exhausted.

I decided to let Mother Earth take burdens I had been carrying as some kind of unconscious penance.  The image of Robert DeNiro in The Mission flashed through my mind in that moment of realization.  DeNiro's character carries around a suit of armor strapped to his body as penance for his sins.  Even when it causes himself to falter and slow others down, he refuses to give it up.

So I just plopped down in the comfy chair and offered a prayer of surrender to Mother Gaia. 

So I took myself into a meditation in which I float in a body of water and the burdens just dissolving away.  I was then able to come to the issues with fresh perspective free of things I had taken upon myself to carry for longer than necessary.

I was inspired to record this version of the Letting Go of Burdens Meditation along with some of my favorite sounds in the woods near my apartment. 

My intention is to edit them together.  Discovering my learning curve in creating loops however, I decided to post the recordings as is, because it feels poignant to get them out there.

Click below to check out the recordings and follow me on Soundcloud for more meditations to come.

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