In times of flux, one person can make all the difference. That one person may be YOU.
Jennifer Marie Young

Jennifer Marie Young

Dear Change Maker and Creative Soul,

You are so needed at this time.  My purpose is to nurture you to stay the course as you bring change to the world during this initiatory time while you flourish, create and express all that you are.

Yoga, meditation, dance, movement, music and ceremony are the modalities through which we can journey together to reunite you with your authentic Self.

The array of experiences and training I've had in life have culminated into unique offerings that bring forth the healing powers of your imagination and self expression. 

As you heal yourself, you heal the world.

About Jennifer

If someone demanded I declare myself by what I do, I know I would blurt out "DANCER!" but I don't perform much these more.

Lessons & Journeys

Co-create practices and guided journeys with Jennifer. New solo and group offerings coming soon.

DC Classes

Every time I teach I am reminded that I am still a student myself. I just came to the game a bit earlier.


Bhakti Women’s Circles, Cacao Ceremonies and other special events with Jennifer.

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